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Radio ADcopy


A game company has asked you to write a copy for a radio ad promoting their video game. The company is launching a First Person Shooter game called 'World War Alpha', you have to write a copy for a 15-30 second advertisement which will be played on the radio.


- Consider all the commandments of effective copywriting when writing a copy for your Radio Ad
- The ad must be 15 - 30 seconds long
- The script should be clear and easy to follow
- You can come up with your own slogan and headline for the product.

Brand name: 'World War Alpha'

Time: 20 secs.

Slogan: tum hi ho asli Aplha es game k.

Radio Script

Script type: announcement

Music: we hear some really busy loud gun firing bullets sound in the background.

Voice over: (manly voice)A soldier calling out other soldiers to severe in the war, his voice has a sense of emergency and alerting tone.

The ad copy:

Attention soldiers the wars have begun!

(War Siren sound) We need our fighting professionals to win this war, I repeat we need more Alpha soldiers,

toh uthao apna console hujao ready for the fight kyun k tum hi ho asli Aplha es game k.

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